We provide legal solutions in a range of practice areas, including Civil Litigation and Eviction law. Our team also includes expert Cryptocurrency lawyers who can provide cryptocurrency legal advice regarding transactions and security for investors. We can also assist you with your Crypto-Asset Service Provider (CASP) license applications. Our family lawyers provide more sensitive legal support regarding family-related legal issues and, alongside our Deceased Estates attorneys, approach these areas of law with compassion and empathy, and you can trust that we will handle these matters with care.
Civil Litigation

Our team of attorneys is here to assist you in resolving legal disputes with another party or parties (individuals, businesses, or organizations). Our services include:

Dirks Attorneys, in collaboration with other firms, is dedicated to facilitating property transfers throughout South Africa, including assistance for South Africans residing abroad. Our team of certified conveyancers guarantees the smooth and secure transfer of property rights, reinforcing the reliability of South Africa’s Land Registration System. Our extensive knowledge covers property transfers, mortgage bonds, and various legal procedures. We’ve gained recognition for our competence in conveyancing, estate administration, will creation, and aiding property developers. Backed by a solid reputation and strategic partnerships with prominent estate agencies and major banks, our primary focus is on providing top-tier conveyancing services.

Our Conveyancing and Property Law Department provides specialized services over the full spectrum of commercial and residential property, and our experience includes:

Cryptocurrency Law
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible by default. Our attorneys are experts in cryptocurrency law and can provide legal solutions and security for safer transactions for buyers, sellers, and investors. Our mission is to provide transparency in this largely unsecured market. Below are our service offerings:
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Deceased estates
Handling deceased estates can be difficult for a lot of people, which is why we promise to approach this sensitive process with care and compassion. We can also assist you in planning ahead with regards to your will, personal estate and trusts.
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Both landlords and tenants have specific rights and responsibilities in the eviction process. There are also stringent legal procedures that must be adhered to during an eviction. At Dirks Attorneys, we are able to initiate eviction proceedings on behalf of the landlord to evict tenants. Similarly, we also defend eviction applications fortenants facing evictions. Our expertise ensures that all requisite legal procedures are meticulously followed, safeguarding the rights and interests of all parties involved in the eviction process.
Family Law
Our family lawyers in Cape Town are here to guide you through any legal issues related to family relationships and domestic matters, and we will help you resolve these disputes and navigate all the legal processes in a sensitive and compassionate way.
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